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Hey everyone, this is my blog and I will either be posting or re-posting my articles and share some pics and video as well.

Nero - Satisfy??? Yes, please!

Nero – Satisfy??? Yes, please!


Nero-Zane-Lowe-ArtworkkMy favorite British electronic trio has recently surprised me with a new track! It’s so good, that it could possibly be labeled a rival (why not?) of ‘Promises’ for the best Nero track spot to this date. The track is hyper dynamic and has some awesome drops. Alana’s vocals are as impeccable as always, no shocker there. In short – don’t miss it, guys! You’ll surely regret it if you don’t give…

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Chelsey Mac - career, modeling, tattoos and… more!

416895_363105547054222_922132910_nIf you haven’t encountered this lady before, her name is Chelsey Mac. This tattooed vixen is born in Canada, where she lived till she’s 16 years of age and afterwords, moves with her family to Australia. Even though Chelsey no longer lives in Aussie land,…

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Weekend Playlist No.26!

Hello dear bloggers! I will admit something – I have been a very lousy blogger lately, I’m not going to lie. However, this week, for the first time in ages, I actually have enthusiasm to share a weekend playlist with you! :)And do you know where that…

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Hello all :) I have kind of been MIA for the last few weeks and the tattoo posts have totally fallen off of my radar, but no more! :)

Please have a look at my 9th tattoo collection, dominated by (of course!) our feathered friends and flowers with some…

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The elusive British street artist Banksy - Pioneer or hack?

enhanced-buzz-14340-1286822207-18Rarely is there a person (interested in street art) that has never heard of Banksy. Considering all the controversy around his art and persona, that is not surprising. He is a well-known pseudo-anonymous British graffiti artist.

He is believed to be a…

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